how to increase website speed

Simple way to Increase Website Speed to Grow Visitor’s count.

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If you want to increase your website’s speed so you are at the right place, read carefully and follow the instructions one by one then assuredly you will see the better speed results on your website.
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First, you have to check your website’s speed on the server: 

Click on this link and simply paste your website’s URL on the field and then click on the analyze button this website is provided by google especially for developers so you can use it for your speed purpose. Here you can check the speed of your website in both platforms Mobile and Desktop.

Remove unused CSS to increase the speed of the website: 

Remove the CSS code that is not in use on the website, check CSS code and remove the code so that the server takes less time to load the whole website.

Remove unused JS to increase the speed of your Website: 

Find unused JS in your JS code and remove whole unused JS from the code and make your server more comfortable to load the website.

Minify JS to boost the speed of the website: 

Minified code is extremely beneficial to grow website speed. Click on the URL and there is a blank box So, You have to just copy your whole JS code and paste the code into the blank box and click on Minify button, wait for few seconds and then you will get output in the other box, copy the minified code from the box and replace with your main JS file code.

Minify CSS to increase the speed of the website:

CSS is the main part of the website and every CSS file contains a lot line of code, You have to minify the whole CSS code of every CSS file then you will see the great difference in speed. Simply click on this link and copy your CSS code and paste the code in the blank box and click on the Minify button and wait for some seconds and then your minified code is ready to replace just copy the whole minified code and replace with your normal code CSS file.

Image Optimization is such a significant way to boost up the website speed:

When you build a website you have upload many images and banners over the website without any optimization, because of this deficiency website becomes a heavy weight website. you need to just open Adobe Photoshop software and select image and open that image in photoshop and save with a different way press (alt+shift+ctrl+s) this process called save for web apply this shortcut keys and a new window will display on your screen and at the top-right side of the window you can see Quality Option and the range is 0-100 you can set according to your requirements higher number of quality increase pixel quality and image weight as well so set accordingly and just click on save button. Do this operation on every image one by one.

Follow the above-mentioned instructions carefully and after doing all the operations just do step 1 again and see the difference in speed.
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