Leh and Ladakh Bike Trip planning

Leh and Ladakh Bike Trip planning to make your trip joyful.


This blog will assuredly help you to aware of yourself if you planning a trip to Leh and Ladakh. In this blog, we are going to tell you about what things you have to keep with you and how to plan a trip to Leh and Ladakh by bike. So let’s get started.

Reliable Bikes for Leh and Ladakh Trip planing for better joy and comfortable journey. 

The first and very important thing is you have to take 200cc above bike for Leh and Ladakh trip because there are no plain roads or smooth highways you will see fully dust full roads and with a lot of stones in the path with overwater flow from hills and there is a lot of chance that your bike will be stuck in those off-roads that’s why I am aware you so that you Ride comfortably and this trip will become more enjoyable for you and your team. You can plan a trip over these bikes like Bullet personally am suggest this bike for this trip, Himalayan, Continental GT 650, Pulser NS 200, KTM Duke, KTM RC, Bajaj Dominar, Triumph Tiger, Kawasaki Versys and BMW GS 1200You can take any bike above 200cc and Bike should be in the well-maintained condition as well as. Service your bike before going on Leh and Ladakh Trip everything should be in good condition so you can be able to get rid of those off-roads easily.

You have to keep the First Aid box or kit with these Medicines.

Another important thing is you have to keep the first aid box or kit with you so that you can be able to keep yourself safe and secure and you can help someone help as well.

What you have to keep in your first aid box or kit?

Kindly don’t forget these very important things to keep with you carefully Cotton for dressing, PCM Tablets For Headache and Fever, Betadine Cream for dressing (external use), Cetirizine for nose block, Camphor (Kapoor) for better oxygen (keep it in a ziplock), Bandages, Iodex or any other spray for fast pain remove and Face Mask for avoid dust during travelingKindly consult with your doctor before planning a trip to Leh and Ladakh it’s mandatory.

Accessories to addon on your bike trip to Leh and Ladakh.

As I told before there are no comfortable roads in actual. So these accessories will make your trip easy and more comfortable. Every single accessory is needful for you on a trip so make sure you have every single accessory before going on a trip. You have to keep Helmet, Carrier  for luggage storage, Knee caps, Gloves, 2 Cans of 10 ltr. for petrol, JacketsThermal Wear,  Boots, Water-Proof Bag for keeping your luggage safe by water, Thermal Socks, Thermal Caps for Head, Debit Card but must carry Cash, Puncture Kit, otherwise you will face a quite big problem, Bungee Ropes, Mobile Power Bank, Tents for rest (There are some places for rental Tents but you have to carry your own)and Mobile Charger. DON’T FORGET CARRY.

Which is the best time to visit Leh and Ladakh?

Mid of June is the best time to visit Leh and Ladakh by bike or road for holidays, you can enjoy the snowy weather in the mid of June on roads and mountains in Leh and Ladakh.

How many days are needed to cover Leh and Ladakh by bike to make your trip joyful?

If you plan your Leh and Ladakh trip according to this blog so you need 9 days for this trip and you will enjoy a lot of places according to this blog best places are mentioned in this blog you can see below.

How to Reach Leh and Ladakh from Delhi.

You can ride on these roads without any hesitation First you can take  NH1 and continue around Chandigarh then switch into NH21 and you can directly reach Manali by NH21 then take rest in the hotel but awake early in the morning because you have to clear Rohtang Pass check post before 7:30 AM otherwise you will face long line of traffic jam over hills and it’s very irritating and dangerous also because you can’t do anything once you stuck in traffic jam over hills. So awake early and ready to clear Rohtang Pass Checkpost and goto Jispa by Manali Leh Highway, this is the direct highway which connects Manali to Leh, and make sure you have to carry petrol in the cans and cans should be fulfilled by petrol and you fulfill your bike’s tank as well. Don’t worry about low fuel because the petrol pump is stable between Manali to Rohtang Pass so that you can buy petrol from there easily and make your journey comfortable. After crossing the check post of Rohtang Pass go continuously for Jispa there you can find rental Tents or some hotels and you can set your Tent if you have. In the next morning continue your journey toward Leh till the end of this day you are in Leh. Take rest after the long journey and in the next morning awake comfortably and take your full time and then enjoy the views of the Leh and around the Leh and take rest. In the next morning ride toward Ladakh, it’s around 155km and enjoy views of there and collect some precious memories and stay in Ladakh at night. In the next day, you can visit Pangong Lake this is one of the favorite places for the visitors of Leh and Ladakh it’s around 170km from Ladakh (Highly Recommended) and stay there. In the next morning get back to Manali but stay in Pang it’s around 331km from Pangong Lake take rest and enjoy the viewpoint, Awake in the next morning and ride toward Manali it’s around 300km and take rest in the hotel. In the next morning, you have two choices:

  1. You can visit Manali and enjoy the food of Manali and other Activites like paragliding, bungee jumping, etc.
  2. Go for Delhi it’s around 535km.
  3. Your Beautiful and joyful journey ends here 

Views of Road Trip toward Leh and Ladakh.

On this journey, you will see amazing scenes like Hills with ice, Greenery, high hills, cold and fresh air and many more. You can enjoy the freshwater from the hills, you can drink also if you want.

Raining over hills but ride carefully don’t go fast enjoy the precious moment with the slow ride.

Which food is necessary to carry on Leh and Ladakh trip?

As you know that this is not a short trip, this is one of the difficult trips but still more and more enjoyable, but after cross Jispa you will suffer from a low amount of restaurants and dhaba’s there so you need food so kindly add these foods in your list:

  1. Cup Maggie (Only need hot water to make it boiled) x15 packs
  2. Water Bottle (Which take your water warm for a long period)
  3. Dryfruits (for good health maintenance in cold lace)
  4. Milk Powder 
  5. Glucose
  6. ARG9 (it will help you to stay energetic and make maintain healthy blood flow). Note: divide one pack for 3 three-time usages with normal water and you can buy from medical stores.

Leh and Ladakh trip is better with a team or alone?

Leh and Ladakh trip by bike is a dream of a lot of people in the world and you are lucky to have this opportunity. It will become the most memorable trip of your life, this is adventurous, joyful and exotic tour but in the other hand it’s very hard to ride over off roads, one side you will see hills and another side deep trench and that is very dangerous, It’s really not easy to face these problems alone you need team so that you have backup. And if you are a part of a team so you will enjoy more and you have a lot of people to help you in case of an emergency.

Top 10 most important Tips to obey on Leh and Ladakh Bike Trip to make your trip joyful.

  1. Take Food from time to time.
  2. Take water to hydrate your body.
  3. Take medicine in case of any health issues.
  4. Try to Full fill your petrol tanks all the time so that you will not face any low fuel problems.
  5. Wear your costume properly gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, and boots.
  6. Pack your luggage tightly with your bike otherwise, you will lose your balance.
  7. Take care of your permits.
  8. Carry more cash after Manali carefully.
  9. Check your bike documents and belongings before leaving all places either you stop for a tea break.
  10. Try to ride on a clean path otherwise, you will suffer from tire puncture problems (This is common but difficult to handle).

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