How to make Pendrive Bootable to Install Windows in pc.

How to make Pendrive Bootable to Install Windows in pc.

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Read this blog properly and install windows 7, windows 8, windows 8 pro and windows 10 in your pc with the help of bootable USB.

Now in this blog, you will learn how to make Pendrive bootable to install windows setup in your PC.

Needed thing to done this operation:

  1. Formated Pendrive (for store files)
  2. Internet access (for download a file approx 4MB)
  3. Power backup (for unstoppable work)

How to make iso file bootable?

1: you need to download iso file to install windows in your pc simply you can search over google like (windows 7/8 etc. iso file download) then download the file and unzip.

2: Insert the Pendrive and make sure that the Pendrive should be empty and the Pendrive having the space of minimum 4GB.

3: You need software to convert your iso file into a bootable setup simply click on this link and download the software (approx 1.2MB) and install the software.

4: Open the software and select Disk or ISO image

5: Click on select button and select your .iso file

6: Then click on the start button and wait till the process end.

7: Now your Pendrive has become a bootable device.

8:Restart your PC and stay focused with computer screen see there is some instruction like boot f2 or f12 etc. just press that button continuously 10 to 15 times without any delay and then a new window will show and you can just click on setup and install according to your requirements and after the installation finish you can use the system easily.

This blog can help you to install windows in all computers with their boot process and if the window of the computer is totally corrupted so it will help to install software easily.

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