How to Increase PC Speed to make your work done without any problems

How to Increase PC Speed to make your work done without any problems

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In this blog, we are going to tell you about how you can boost the speed of your PC please read and execute the following steps to fix the slow speed issue.

Top 10 ways to boost your PC

Remove temp files to boost PC speed to Increase PC Speed :

you have to open run command (win+R) then type %temp% press enter and there are a lot of files just select those all and delete permanently. again open run command and type temp press enter then select all file and delete permanently. One more time do the same process now type prefetch in run command then press enter and select all files and delete.

Store Desktop icons into folders to Increase PC Speed :

All desktop icons that you see on your desktop window just cut them from there and paste those into a folder. And never copy some files (like music, videos, photos, etc) on desktop otherwise your desktop will take a lot of time to be ready for you.

Save old files into the cloud store or another hard disk to Increase PC Speed :

You know that a lot of files are contained in your system that you do not use so just store those files in a single folder and upload over cloud storage or drive storage. You can store in external harddisk as well.

Uninstall unused software from the control panel to Increase PC Speed :

ManyUnusable software are installed in your PC and continuously those software taking RAM and disk space, this is a huge cause of slow system issue. Don’t worry just open the control panel and then go to the Uninstall a program then select the software one by one that doesn’t use and uninstall/remove from PC.

End the automatically Launching Programs when you start PC to Increase PC Speed :

When you start your PC some software and services automatically launch in background and take a lot of RAM and disk space you have to end those programs. Open task manager in your PC (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) click on the Processes tab and then select tasks and click on End Process button, one by one end all the tasks from processes tab, but make sure don’t use any Microsoft process (you can easily find Microsoft process there).

Update Softwares of your computer to Increase PC Speed :

Sometimes you have forgotten to update system software so that the system start work slowly so now open start button and type windows update click on the option and click on check for update it will take few seconds and then your update process will start automatically.

Delete unusable extensions from your browser to Increase PC Speed :

You need to delete unusable extensions from the browser. Open the browser in your pc and click on the options at the top-right side of the browser then click on settings then select extensions now you can see every single extension that you have installed in your browser now simply remove an unusable extension from your browser.

Enable Anti-Virus or Defender in your PC to Increase PC Speed :

When you use the internet or take data through USB or any external source virus is automatically starts to hurt your computer, and after some time, you will start facing slow system issues. Now you have to install antivirus in your computer or enable windows defender so that your computer will work properly as you want.

Free hard disk space if it’s near to full to Increase PC Speed :

When store data in your system’s drives so after some time your drives reach high storage, simply delete unusable data or store in another external storage.

Close programs from the system tray to Increase PC Speed :

  1. You can simply check tray programs, have a look at your task bar’s right side there are some programs are in running status just click on that and close those programs.

These are some beneficial methods to boost your system’s speed.

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